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FAQs on AeroLeads Email Verifier Tool!

An email verifier or email validator is a tool that will check whether a specified email address is valid, i.e., it verifies emails to ensure their validity. It is also designed to avoid email bounce rates and improve the email delivery rate. AeroLeads free email tester is the top-notch service in the market, and our goal is to improve the quality of your email campaigns and get you more sales conversions.

An email verifier service such as AeroLeads will try to detect any possible problems, such as spam traps, before the Internet Service Providers or Email Service Providers catch them.  Apart from that, our email verifier tool checks the format of emails and the DNS records to ensure that the domain (such as is correct. Finally, our email verification tool uses SMTP protocol to check whether the mailbox exists. This will help you to verify emails and test the deliverability of a particular email. And we promise that our tool will verify an individual email address without emailing the prospect or lead.

We suggest you use the AeroLeads Email Verifier tool to verify emails for free. Check and verify the validity of your lead from a million records of business professionals, startups, companies, and big enterprises. 

To verify emails, you can either try it out by sending a sample email campaign or by using an email verification tool like Aeroleads. The first method will take your time and energy; if the email becomes invalid, the chances of getting your email bounced are higher.

We are biased on this as we can, without looking further, say that AeroLeads email verifier is the best tool out there in the market. Compared to,,, and Lusha, you can use our email verifier for free with 100 credits on sign-up, and other plans start at a meager price which is very suitable for verifying the leads. All our clients are delighted with it. If you have any issues or queries, please get in touch with our support chat or email at hello@aeroleads; we respond quickly.

Our Email Verification Service provides more than 97% accurate validation service in the industry. It lets you verify the emails of any professionals on the web in seconds. These real-time and advanced checks can get you the desired results for taking the next steps in your business.

Email validation is verifying and detecting the problems associated with a particular email, such as spam traps, analyzing whether the email is active, etc. On the other hand, email verification only checks whether an email address is actual or not.

Yes, we offer bulk email validation services right inside our dashboard. All you need is to upload the email list of your prospects and hit “Upload for Verification.”

You can have the accessible version of the AeroLeads email verifier tool, whereby you’ll receive 100 credits upon signing up. However, once the credits are exhausted, you need to purchase. The link for buying credits can be found here.

Yes, we do have an email verifier chrome extension. Please find the link to download the email finder extension here. With our email verifier chrome plugin, you can verify personal and business emails from any web page or profile. 

If you are finding any technical issues while verifying an email, please feel free to shoot us a quick email at We would be super happy to resolve your problems anytime from anywhere.

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